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Artificial intelligence (AI)

Decoding the AI “JARVIS” of Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg !!

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first of all ,starting with the JARVIS. It is AI designed to be helped out and make human life as easy as it can be possible through the machines and programming.

Recently, we have seen that Mark Zuckerberg,CEO FACEBOOK posted a video, showing his house that has been automated. His house was under the control of an AI designed to work for him. The video that was posted showed that the AI controls appliances, music system,recognize faces,entertain the baby and much more…

This is the beautifully designed AI of Mark. It helps him in his daily housework. It acts like it’s the new housemate Mark has got in his house to help him.

It’s like he has a new housemate. The JARVIS does everything for him.



After waking up JARVIS greets him for the morning. It checks for the time and wishes him accordingly. Now for the weather check, JARVIS being a great AI gives him everything that he need to know about the weather for the day. It tells him the temperature of the day,gives him the weather condition of the day,even tells him about the current room temperature. It is one “MARVELous” design in the computing world.

2.Mark talks with JARVIS using an app:

It is simply logical that machines doesn’t understand our language. There must be a interface f0r translating our language into their language. This is done using NLP(Natural Language Processing). It uses our voice and tranlates back into machine language.

3.JARVIS tells Mark his daughter has woke up.

There must be some some microphone that records the crying voice of baby in the early morning, thus deciding that the baby has woke up. This should be notified to the owner. JARVIS then tells Mark that his daughter has woke up and he decides to check on her.

4.Practicing MANDARIN with the baby:

The JARVIS practices MANDARIN ,i.e., Chinese with the baby Maxx. Thus keeping the baby entertained for a while. The JARVIS haves a conversation with the girl.

5.Getting ready with the help of JARVIS:

JARVIS helps Mark get ready for the work. The mechanism activates when Mark asks for a fresh shirt. It thus fires a fresh shirt to him.

6.Setting up the Video Conferencing Room:

When asked for the video conference JARVIS arranges a video conference with Mark’s team. Mark may have told him about things to remind him when setting it up. Thus he reminds him of the topic to discuss.

7.Facial recognition at the door:

Now-a-days nearly everyone has security interface at the door, through which we can look for the people that are standing outside without opening the door. JARVIS here, is more advanced, it decides to who should be let in or not. This AI is Awesome!!

8.Selecting the music while playing:

Mark asks for the Nickelback songs, but JARVIS denies as the baby in the room and it is inappropriate to play songs from the group. JARVIS is truly a  well crafted and engineered AI, as it selects which songs are appropriate and inappropriate. Then playing a nursery rhyme. Seems like it is indeed intelligent !!

9.Texting through the app over speaking:

Texting through application, JARVIS listens to it all. Mark types Lights off, JARVIS does it for him.

This is all that was projected in the video. The voice behind JARVIS is MORGAN FREEMAN.

We have seen the JARVIS and how he works for MARK ZUCKERBERG. It is the best designed AI which can make our life much easier.

Everybody dreams of having a JARVIS of their own!!! Hence we have one!!

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