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Ken-Pachi / August 12, 2016 / Comments Off on Mara framework v0.2(beta) – Mobile Application Reverse Engineering & Analysis Framework. / Android Tools, Anti Malware/Virus – Malware Analysis, Encryption, Framework, Registry Analysis, Security Tools
Changelog v0.2(beta):
* Adding Preliminary Analysis (*new Features)
* Adding APK Manifest Analysis (*new Features)
* Tools Update
Mara Framework v0.2
MARA is a Mobile Application Reverse engineering and Analysis Framework. It is a tool that puts together commonly used mobile application reverse engineering toolsets, in order to make the task or reverse engineering and analysis easier and friendly to mobile application developers and security professionals.

Features supported:

* APK Reverse engineering
Disassembling Dalvik bytecode to smali bytecode via baksmali and apktool
Disassembling Dalvik bytecode to java bytecode via enjarify
Decompiling APK to Java source code via jadx

* Preliminary Analysis
arsing smali files for analysis via smalisca
Dump apk assets,libraries and resources
Extracting certificate data via openssl
Extract strings and app permissions via aapt
Identify methods and classes via ClassyShark
Scan for apk vulnerabilities via androbugs
Analyze apk for potential malicious behaviour via androwarn
Identify compilers, packers and obfuscators via APKiD
Extract execution paths, IP addresses, URL, URI, emails via regex
Domain SSL scan via pyssltest and testssl

* APK Manifest Analysis
Extract Intents
Extract exported activities
Extract receivers
Extract exported receivers
Extract Services
Extract exported services
Check if apk is debuggable
Check if apk allows backups
Check if apk allows sending of secret codes
Check if apk can receive binary SMS

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